Area Rugs

A great compliment to hardwood floors, area rugs add beauty and style to your home. We have a great selection of rugs on hand at any given time, with more product being shipped in.

When choosing your area rug, keep in mind the amount of traffic the rug will see. You will want to invest in a higher-quality rug for durability. You can choose a rug with a pattern or print, or a simpler design depending on your taste, and the amount of attention you want the rug to have.

Your size of rug will depend on a number factors, including the amount of space that you want to leave as a border, room size, the colour and fabrics in the room and the room's lighting.

Area rugs will require a pad to help prevent slippage and to protect your rug and floor.

Drop by our show room to see these and many more rugs today! Visit our suppliers sites to view the online catalogues of area rugs. If you find something you would like us to supply more information on, email us at or contact the store.

Our Suppliers

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